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Ultra Absorbent Sponge Towel for Pets - Bath Towels - Green

Ultra Absorbent Sponge Towel for Pets - Bath Towels - Green

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  • Soft And Absorbent Pet Towel: Our cat and dog drying towel is made using microfiber to quickly absorb water from your pet’s fur while being gentle to comfortably dry them and shorten drying time along with offering just the right coverage for most cat and dog breeds


  • Made For Daily Use: The dog towel for bathing is made using quality microfiber that’s lightweight and durable to make sure it can handle everyday use. We don’t rely on any harsh chemicals so you can use it with peace of mind to make baths comfier for pets


  • Lightweight And Portable: Thanks to the durable build coupled with the foldable design and lightweight, our pet microfiber bath towels can easily be carried to accompany you on all your outdoor trips and travels to keep your furry friend warm, dry and comfortable


  • Keep Pets Warm And Cozy: Besides being the perfect choice for dog grooming and bathing, our absorbent and soft pet towel can also be used in kennels and cages to keep your furry friend comfortable and warm whether at home or on the go


  • Easy To Clean And Maintain: Our microfiber towels for cats and dogs are machine washable to make cleanups a breeze and feature a hanging hook which not only makes them easier to dry and clean but also provides you with a convenient way to store them neatly

Make Bath Time Enjoyable For Your Pet With Truly Pet Sponge Towel For Dogs And Cats!

At Truly Pet, we wanted to bring you a pet towel for cats and dogs that offered just the right balance between quality, comfort, and absorbency which is why we use high-density microfiber to make our sponge towels for pets.

Our dog towels for drying dogs are suitable for most small – large dog breeds and provide the perfect fit for drying cats and many other pets. It’s lightweight yet durable so you can even take it with you when traveling to keep pets comfy.

Made With Your Furry Friend’s Comfort & Care In Mind

We only use quality microfiber that’s strong enough to handle daily drying while maintaining its soft texture and can quickly absorb water to cut down the time it takes to dry your pet while being gentle to maintain their comfort.

You can easily carry the microfiber dog towel in your car or backpack to meet your dog’s on-the-go needs. It can also be used as a blanket on cold nights or just as padding for kennels to keep your pet warm and cozy while being easy to clean.

Features You’ll Love:
- Makes the perfect gift for pet parents on any occasion
- Comes in 3 different sizes to provide the perfect fit
- Made without using any harsh chemicals or materials
- Machine washable and maintains its soft texture
- Designed with a hanging hook for quick drying and storage

Keep Your Pet Warm, Comfortable & Dry The Simple Way With Truly Pet Sponge Towel For Cats And Dogs!

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